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Gigs, gigs, gigs galore!

Hey Metallions!

We're finally getting back on the stage which is something we have been revving to do for months!

A couple weekends ago we performed at Ding Dong's Deadwitch and celebrated our axeman Brad Ion's birthday.

But the REAL treasure trove is yet to come! Starting from the month of May we're going to be hitting the North Island again starting with Shredfest in Hamilton, performing alongside Imperial Slave, Leave the Dead, Teraset, Act of Vengeance, Opposite Inverse and Karnack (what a line-up!) Tickets are available at the link below:

But wait, there's more!

In the month of June we have a show in Palmerston North and a separate show in Mt. Maunganui! These shows are being organised by Kaosis, titled Distortion Fest (June 18) and Overload Fest (June 25) respectively. But wait, there's more!!!!

We are due to perform a second show in Hamilton on July 23 for RAILFEST! We have been looking forward to this show for ages and are really excited that it is finally approaching. On top of all this we have just confirmed a show for our hometown Gisborne City on July 9 (waiting on a poster for this)! So yes, gigs, gigs, gigs indeed. We'll keep you updated with the info as it comes, as well as progress on our upcoming recordings, which are in their final stages. Thanks for your dedication and support for local thrash Metallions!

Keep it Metal

- Drew, Adam, Brad, Raana.


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