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November 6, 2019

Hey Metallions, we did the Waikato Regional Finals at the Battle of the Bands the other week. We got through and will be representing Hamilton at the National Finals on December 14 at Anthology Lounge Auckland! Votes will be a massive part of victory so to everyone in the Auckland region at that time or who can make it please come  and vote for us! 

Mark it on your calendar now: December 14, support Deathnir at Anthology Lounge, Auckland.

If you can't make it there might be text voting as well so keep an eye on our FB page for the details. Keep it Metal \m/

October 22, 2019

Hey Metallions! We are excited to announce we are returning to China at the end of this year to play an even bigger and better tour! This has been on our cards since the success of our last Chinese tour and will be spanning across the cities of Yulin, Liuzhou, Guilin and Nanning. We have 5 scheduled shows at this point and can't wait to be back in the orient representing Kiwi Metal! The biggest thanks goes out to SHAKE Music and our good friend AK (Austin Liu) for making this possible.

September 28, 2019

Recording for our new songs has just finished. We worked hard all this week to  get them done and now the tracks are at the editing process. After editing they will be mixed and mastered before being released for everyone to hear! We welcome back Mr. Brad Ion to the second guitar position for these new recordings and he will be back performing with us at our future shows as well. Now we're heading up to Auckland to film for our upcoming music video and cameo in a comedy horror film called "Buzzcut".  No rest for the worthy.


September 24, 2019

 Greetings mortals! We are currently in the recording studios at Wintec producing our latest tracks for your metal ears. Sounding awesome already, last night we tracked bass and set up the drums which are tracking tonight. Keep an ear out, these new songs are gonna slay!

August 14, 2019

Hey Metallions! 

We have been getting involved in some acting for a film called "Buzzcut".

The film is a horror comedy being filmed in New Zealand and we got to write the theme song for it! The film is still in the shooting stage but hopefully you'll be hearing more about it soon. Our members, Drew, Adam and Raana are scheduled to make cameo appearances in the film. We'll let you know more as it develops. You can check out the teaser here:

June 20, 2019

We stormed the Auckland stage again at MUWW on June 15. This was an event happening in over 50 different cities across the globe! The show went well and we had an awesome after party back at our hotel. Keep it Metal \m/

May 29, 2019

Photos from Shredfest 2019 at The Local, Te Rapa, Hamilton, NZ.

Courtesy of Austin Liu.

Drew Carter - Vocals/Guitar
Adam Johnson - Bass/BVs

Raana Paterson - Drums

Grant Holden - Guitar

May 27, 2019

Hey Metallions! We've been on holiday for a while but we are back in action now! This weekend we played the Hamilton Shredfest and it was wicked! We said farewell to our guitarist Grant Holden and wish him all the best for his future music. We've got some photos that will be up shortly and have a few other things in the works so keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the latest updates. Keep it Metal! 

(P.s. Who will be in our ranks next? Announcement coming soon!)

January 17, 2019

Oh man! We rocked China! What a wicked experience and the best hospitality we have ever received. We spent 10 days over there touring, performing and site-seeing, we had the time of our lives. Huge thank yous to Shake Music for hosting, our awesome tour manager AK and the ecstatic fans who showed us that China knows how to mosh! A whole ton of photos have been uploaded to our Facebook page (so go check those out) and there will be a documentary about the trip being released at some point this year (so Subscrbe to our YouTube to make sure you see it first). We will definitely be back but for now we are back home in New Z...

November 27, 2018

Recently we announced on our social media pages that Deathnir will be performing 2 dates in China. We are so stoked to be doing this and can't wait for our first performance over seas! The dates will be 29/12/2018 at 'All With You' Pub and 01/01/2019 at Chang Sheng Ju Dojo.

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